Friday, October 7, 2011

v.a - iranian punk - 1382 the persian new waves

I'm a big fan of finding stuff from far away places. While i know very little about punk rock from Iran, I hear that you can get in trouble for playing certain types of music(?). Anyway, The bands on this comp tend to very from traditional type music, to industrial and metal tinged stuff. worth the download.
Thank you to for this comp and picture. Check out: punk rock in Iran (Blog has been removed for some reason, me thinks censors).

Track Listings:
  1. Alookal - Dars
  2. Black Blooms - Me & Me
  3. Oolanbator - Fire In the Dead of the Night
  4. Superman & the Joe Ordinaries - Upside Down
  5. Fat Rats - Joe Ordinaries
  6. Dark Earth - Jang
  7. Ehsan Imani - Divane
  8. Mud - Ruftam Sar-e Kucheh
  9. Mud - Boghz

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