Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh, I forgot to ask.

Ive been in a most horrible music slump the past few months. Ive been finding punk (with a few exceptions of course) to be less interesting. I know like a lot of people, I go through Phases with what I like and what I don't give much listen to. I'm in search of at the moment:
Rare blues (pre 50's)
Obscure R&B and soul
Folk Punk
Caribbean Music (Mento, Ska, Reggae, Various Latin Caribbean roots music)
Latin Boogaloo
Any Celtic music or Sea Shanty (looking for anything by Junkman's Choir or Nyah Fearties)
Early Country/Western, Bop Music
Appalachian Music/Traditional American, Irish and English folk music
ANY OTHER WORLD MUSIC (im looking for African 60's, Mod and Psych).
If anyone has any suggestions, or links, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
Thanks a million folks!

Its Been Forever

I know I haven't been a regular poster on this thing, mush to my dismay. I guess somehow the novelty wore off, and I got busy with this thing called life. Anyway, to recap the last eight months since I've posted: Got Married, got nicked, went to jail, spent six months away from home on probation, got back home (Pretty intense I know).
I set out initially to never cover stuff like politics or to discuss life issues, but I guess that politics,music and life issues tend to go hand in hand. I was watching the documentary "The Future Is Unwritten" last night with the wife and it made me truly think about life and the term "Heroes". It seems to be something thrown around a lot and directed towards a lot of lame and undeserving people. What really makes a hero anyway? You can become a hero by serving your country, being a soldier; but I think that's just being of a solid mind and doing ones duty. I don't know how many vets I've met who just say " I was just doing my job" and take no glory in being a "Hero". Then however on the other hand, you have undeserving wankers being labeled heroes that simply don't deserve the recognition. Politicians who take credit for things that they don't live up to; lame, bloated musicians and rock stars who;s excessive lifestyles make me sick and etc. We have to face it that so many in our society look up to these lame fuck heads and aspire to become like them: useless. Celebrity's tend to be my main point for aggression. Its sad that so many adolescent girls look up to useless people like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, various reality TV personalities. OK, anyone who tries to validate that Britney Spears has talent is taking a piss in the ocean. She was mass produced, doesn't write her own songs or music. Paris Hilton is only famous because she's a lame rich kid, who's excess and hedonism made her career and the Reality TV world is just people grasping notoriety because of a piss poor attitude or they fall under whats in style. Its sad.
"The future is Unwritten" was for the lack of a better term beautiful. When I think of a hero I do think of Joe Strummer. The Clash were the first band to really introduce me to punk, to social politics, and to of all things my love of all things that are Black Music. He never basked in useless excess, or shallow ideals; Never was one to run with fame without really acknowledging where it came from: Us. How many big name musicians will stand out in front of a gig giving out tickets, or making sure that we get in and are taken care of? That to me is a hero. Someone who cares about what they do.
So in honour of Joe, I'm going to post a few Clash goodies.

The Clash - Out Of Control Demos

I cant really r
ecall what blog I found this on, needless to say, Its post Mick Jones. I know many people who will sit and say that Cut The Crap was the worst Clash album ever and yo be honest, you're not incorrect. This however is simply amazing. While not exactly what most would consider to be "classic Clash", it is good. I think it mirrors both the 101'ers and his future work with the Mescaleros . Its a shame that this mix wasn't cleaned up to become Cut The Crap. In case most of you don't know, a few songs from this made it to the album, but under Bernie Rhodes loving mix. He replaced most of the drum tracks with drum machines and added a lot of useless garbage.
You can read more here : Cut The Crap
Download Out Of Control

The Clash - Live On WXRT 9/14/1979

This was an old radio broadcast from the mid 80's(?) of a live show in Chicago. I think that this was one of the best periods for live Clash audio. They still had the energy that was somewhat listless towards the end of there career .

Anway, Ill have more Clash live stuff in a few days. Also, if anyone out there has a link to the Complete Bonds Casino show, let me know. Another note too, If you want to swap blog links, just email me and Ill link you. Thanks folks!