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This post has been one of serious frustration. Mainly because the band I'm going to post discography is almost impossible to track down in its entirety (and Ive been trying for well over ten plus years). Thankfully, I have been able to find almost everything from 1981 to 1986, with exception to one version of the "Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brains to Think and a Mouth to Speak " LP on Rude Records. Anyway, the band I'm talking about is Upright Citizens from Bottrop Germany. Probably one of my favorite bands of all time, The UC formed in 1981 and lasted till 2003 and have released well over a dozen records. For some reason, all of their early stuff is pretty easy to find, however, It's mainly the later stuff which has become damn near impossible for me to track down. Here is the discography:

Upright Citizens - Bombs Of Peace 12" EP (H'art Records 1982)

Ok, I have no info on the second cover, if its a repress or a what, but I found it over at Good Music For Bad Bad Times. This was repressed on a cassette that was put out by the band called "Cross Section" )Which I have no info on, as well as the 1994 repress of "Make The future Mine and Yours LP" on Impact! records, and a third time by Ox Fanzine in 2001. Assuming both the prices and the scarceity of the represses that they're out of print.

Track List:
1. Now Or Never
2. I Hate Church
3. Holocaust
4. Fuck The Army
5. He's Dead 6.
7. Scum Of The Earth
8. Neonazis In Der BRD


Upright Citizens - Make The Future Mine And Yours LP (H'art Records 1983)

Once again, This was repressed with the "Bombs Of Peace EP" on CD and LP in both 1994, and 2001 by both Impact! records and Ox fanzine respectively. I'm posting the absolutely horrible artwork from the Impact records press (one of the good things about it is the lyric sheet). From what Ive seen, the Ox fanzine press used the original art.
here it is:

Track Listing (First Press):
1. Attack
2. Yellow Press
3. Long Songs
4. Now or Never
5. Feel My Fate
6. Pseudo Punk
7. You Make Me Sick (Satan's Rats)
8. No Tears for Yesterday
9. Ground Zero
10. Swastika Rats
11. Government Wins!
12. The End
13. Never Say Goodbye
14. Hated
15. What are We Gonna Do Now?



This is one that confuses me.Firstly, there are two versions of this LP. The first version was pressed on Rude in 1984, and according to sources, it is a totally different recording then what came out on BYO Records in 1985. However, Ive never been able to find a copy of the Rude pressing, so, I cant verify that. All I know is that I have a cassette copy of the BYO press and it seems that the bass and treble are super high. Inccidently, There was a copy pressed in 1991 from Spain that sounds to have a different mix then the BYO records pressing. It also has different artwork. you can see it over at 1000 Asprines Blogsite (the tracks have been taken down, And I do have a copy of it somewhere, but I have to find them). It was also repressed in 1994 with the "Kiss Me Now 12" EP, which I will also post here.

Track Listing:
1. Cyclone
2. Right Way
3. Now Or Never
4. Future Dreams
5. Government Wins!
6. Holocaust
7. Dead Blood
8. Stand Up
9. Swastika Ratss
10.Bombs Of Peace
11.The Dark Side Of My Mind
13.No Tears For Yesterday
14.Yellow Press
15.What Are We Gonna Do?


Upright Citizens - Facts And Views EP (Skvaller Records 1985)

Track Listing:
1. Dead Blood
2. Future Dreams
3. Bombs Of Peace (Re-recorded)
4. Swastika Ratss (Re-recorded)
5. Right Way


Upright Citizens - Kiss Me Now EP (UC 1986)

This is one of the last widely available UC EP's. Pressed by the band themselves so Im not too sure what the pressing amounts are. This is also somewhat of a shift muscly for the band, although a few songs are a bit slow, the rest are quite good.
Track Listings:
1. Kiss Me Now
2. 1984
3. Arm The World To Death
4. Blowing In The Wind
5. Hammer And Sickle
6. Adrenalin
7. Love Is Pain

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Upright Citizens - Cross Section Cassette (Upright Citizens)
I haveno infoo on this at all, except that it was released in the late 80's by the band. It basicly contains all the out of print stuff from the Bombs of Peace EP to Facts and Views and a few live songs from the US tour in 1986. This is missing a few songs from a couple comps.


Upright Citizens - Colour Your Life CD (Impact Records 1994)

Ok, So this leaves a large gap in the UC discography, but this is fairly easy to find. This was the last Album released, and unlike the previous stuff, this lacks a punch that the older stuff had. However it is still enjoyable.
Track Listings:
1. Changing Of The Guard
2. Wasted Time
3. Set My World On Fire
4. Underground
5. Ghostships
6. Feeling Down
7. Countrymen In No-Man's Land
8. Hidden Screams
9. Rainy Days
10. Lucky Star
11. Cold Feelings
12. Nothing
13. Farewell


Upright Citizens - Comp Tracks and Unknown stuff 1982 - 1994
I have no clue about some of these tracks, however some have come from the Beating the Meat Comp, Keine Experiment!, We Dont Want Your Fucking Law Comps amongst others that I'm not sure of.


This concludes what I have/Or know on the band. If someone could help fill in the gaps with the following records:
Farewell EP (1988 or the repress mini CD)
Ive Got The Home Town Blues 7" (1990)
Underground Mini CD (1993)
If you have a rip, or can make one, Please please please! GET IN TOUCH!