Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Olho Seco

I guess some albums change peoples lives in profound ways, and I know I've posted a lot of rants and raves about the "Welcome to 1984" comp in the past, and this is another related post. Ive spent years tracking down most of the output of the bands on the comp, and i have almost succeeded. Here is a chronicle of another band whom out of all of the bands on that comp, Ive loved most. Olho Seco formed in San Paulo in 1980, with members of Colera. I don't know much about them other then they still play, there from Brazil and they are AWESOME! There's a good link at Kill From The Heart.

Olho Seco -Botas, Fuzis E' Capacetes (Punk Rock Discos 1983)

This is one of my favorite releases of there's, It has been repackaged as an a sorta incomplete discography CD on Gravacoes Sem Qualidade records.
Track Listing:
1. Nada
2. Botas Fuzis Capacetes
3. Muito Obrigado


OLHO SECO - ST EP (Pogar Records, 1984)

Just as good as the First EP, the only thing that its lacking on is the live side (mainly because for the most part I hate live recordings). It has one of my favorite Olho Seco songs ever (Isto e' Olho Seco).
Track Listings:
1. Isto é Olho Seco
2. Castidade
3. Sinto (Live)
4. Lutar matar (Live)
5. Vida violenta (Live)


Olho Seco - Fome Nuclear ( Label Unknown, 1988)

With this release, we see Olho Seco taking a more Noise/Thrash approach. Not one of my favorites, but here for the completest nerd.

Track Listing:
1. Fome Nuclear
2. Johnny Black
3. Vencer Regras
4. Sintomas Dementes
Olho Seco - Olho Por Olho LP (Cogumelo Records, 1989)

The First and only LP before the first break up, and follows in the manner of the Fome Nuclear EP. One big cacophony of noise, and is somewhat akin to what Ratos de Porão where putting out at the time.
Track Listing:

1. Vencer
2. Regras
3. Condenado
4. Sintomas dementes
5. Erupação
6. Canibais
7. Johnny Black
8. A vingança (de Johnny)
9. Olho por Olho
10. Pó em ruína
11. Fome nuclear
12. Desintegraçáo
13. Olho Seco
14. Vai tomar
15. Besta humana


Olho Seco - Havera' Futuro? CD (Gravacoes Sem Qualidade Records, 1997)

I dont have a lot of info on this CD, it apears to be a re-recording of a bunch of early stuff. Frankly, I think this fucking rocks and everyone needs to have a copy, that is if you can find it, not sure if its in print, but I found a copy on Soulseek.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Related Pieces

Ive always had a big thing for Scandinavian and Finish thrash and hardcore. I think M.R.R.'s "Welcome to 1984" exposed me to some amazing shit, Mainly Rattus, The Bristles, The Headcleaners( or HUVUDTVÄTT as they are also known). It was as always downhill from there. The First offering is something that Ive been on the lookout for a good long while is the AMAZING "Beating The Meat" comp. It was released on the Xcentric Noise label (who also put stuff out by the Cult Manix, The Headcleaners, and Born BC). It features 25 awesome tracks by Olho Seco, Rattus, Colera, The Neos, Upright Citizens, Most of which Ive never heard before.

VA - BEATING THE MEAT (XCentric Noise Records, 1984)

Track Listing:

Huvudtvätt - huvudtvätt (Sweden)
Cult Maniax - american dream (UK)
S.I.B. - no one rules (Italy)
Neos - opposition to violence (Canada)
Neos - typical (Canada)
Upright Citizens - swastika rats (Germany)
Ohlo Seco - nada (Brazil)
Suicide - violent games (UK)
Colera - suburbio geral (Brazil)
Colera - palperbrite (Brazil)
Plastick - races (UK)
Powerage - vengeance of youth (South Africa)
Plastick - i feel like batman (UK)
Protest - troubles (UK)
Terveet Kädet - pissau + passkau (Finland)
Terveet Kädet - heislelltat (Finland)
Upright Citizens - stormy monday (Germany)
Huvudtvätt - stryk (Sweden)
Huvudtvätt - ren logn (Sweden)
Powerage - wwIII (South Africa)
Ohlo Seco - castidade (Brazil)
Ohlo Seco - ohlo de gato (Brazil)
S.I.B. - secret life (Italy)
Rattus - miks haluat (Finland)
Rattus - ruumia ruumita (Finland)
Cult Maniax - road to nowhere (uk)

Ok, The next two are by the mighty HUVUDTVÄTT! I don't really have a ton of info on them except that they where from Sweden, Put out five records, and only played live once. Here are the first and third EP's. I also at one point had a tape with a bunch of there stuff on it, but have no clue what happened to it. IF anyone has the following please let me know: Panic Boys/Huvudtvatt split EP and the Huvudtvatt/ Kurt I kuvos split LP. THANKS!

HUVUDTVÄTT (The Headcleaners ) Disinfection EP (Malign Massacre, 1981)

Track Listing:
1. Dying In A Maze
2. Kill The Royalties
3. Death Threat
4. Where Is
5. Disinfect
6. Over The Wall
7. Police Perversities


HUVUDTVÄTT (The Headcleaners) - The Infection Grows (XCentric Noise, 1983)
Note how this cover was recycled for the Beating The Meat comp, and yes, It was draw by Pushead.

Track Listing:
1. With Medication
2. Epidemic Infection
3. No Sense
4. Invented Crap
5. Piles Of Flesh
6. Destruction In Mind