Friday, October 7, 2011


So about nine or ten months ago I started working on an e-zine with no real ambition. I worked on fancy graphics and all this other crap and then with the birth of my daughter, I somewhat abandoned all plans.However, I worked hard on that thing so, I'm going to continue what I started and release things in pieces. I think my goal when I started the zine was to find bands from out of nowhere and bring them to the western world. Like, case in point, who knew that there are punk bands from Uzbekistan? Or that China has a thriving oi! scene? Im also going to work on the format a little bit, seeing as how courier is kinda a pain in the tookis to read. OH! and I almost forgot, we are android compatible now! So you can browse the blog and download the tunes directly to your Android device. God bless technology!
Another thing in the works are the upload of Where The Wild Things Are comp series originally put out by Sabbel fanzine from Germany in the late 90's or mid 2000's. I have been unable to find the complete series as of yet, but I will be posting them soon! Anyway, thats all for now kiddies!

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