Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Final Piece

As all of you readers out there know that The Upright Citizens are one of my favorite punk bands EVER and the best from Germany. I posted forever ago a partial discography from these guys and I now have returned to finish the job! I was mainly missing stuff from the later discography and I have now found them. 

Upright Citizens - Farewell EP (Self Released 1988)

This was one of the final EP's and was self released in 1988. I don't have much info on this as far as pressing amounts, but it was also pressed on a mini CD single as well with two other songs (This is the vinyl rip, I dont have the CD, But if anyone else does, let me know!). 

1. Farewell
2. L.I.P.
3. Just Thinking Of You
CD Press included 
4. Future Dreams
5. Dead Blood


Upright Citizens - I've Got The Hometown Blues EP (Self Released 1990)

Someone posted a link to this one on my privious UC post, and this rip comes from RAT SHIT SANDWICH. Anyway, This was suppose to be a farewell live thing and was only pressed in a batch of 500. Pretty great stuff if you ask me. This is also a rip from tape and it doesnt include No Tears From Yesterday. 


Upright Citizens - Upright Punx (Unknown Demo)

Not Exactly Sure about this one. This was one of those ones I picked up over Soulseek or something years ago and kinda forgot about. Its 19 songs and all covers and of somewhat mixed audio qulity. Covers from The Clash, ANL, The Angelic Upstarts to CH3 and Iron Cross. 


Upright Citizens - Live USA (LIVE Cassette 1984/85 (?) ish)

This is from an eight song cassette supposedly, I have little or no info on it at all. If anyone out there has the FYI please get in touch!


Upright Citizens - Live Freiburg Germany 7/10/1984 (Live Cassette)

I cant remember where I found this one either but its a killer live set from 84. 17 songs and all killer. Sorry, I didn't tag the tracks all the way. I also have like two other cassettes that need to be split into individual tracks and I'll try to post those soon! Also, I know I am missing an EP, so If anyone has a copy the Underground CD EP PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Also, I am searching for the original Rude Records mix of the Open Ears.... LP.